William Green

So I just talked to Tammy, and she requested I call her about the typo I made regarding this request, except she seemed to be under the impression that I’d made the typo on all five requests I’d made to the USPS, that I’d at first indicated 2001 to 2014, and then 2004 to 2014 as I originally did only on this one. Going back and looking at them on here, it’s clear I only made the typo on this TBI request. She told me to refile at an email address she provided for the Inspection Service.

It’d be a shame to continue this offsite because I do think this is publicly notable information that other users here would like to see. I understand why you guys haven’t opened up embedding/attaching docs for users, that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. Is there a way forward for me to keep this work on Muckrock?

JPat Brown

Michael, hello! Apologies for the delay in this response - in situations like these, we can easily re-file the request at a new email address, without charging you for any additional requests. Just let us know at info@muckrock.com whenever a situation like this comes up. All the best, J.Pat

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