Bert Klasey

I’m looking for advice in regard to my above request. I know that there was a meeting that took place on 2/6/08 between the parties listed above, in their offices. The CLC claims they have no records of it. It seems a bit questionable that there would be no email communication, minutes, reports or records if there were at least two lottery officials meeting with a vendor in an official capacity. Not even a sign-in log?? Am I perhaps not asking the right way? Any advice that you may have would be very helpful. Thank you.

Shawn Musgrave

Hi Bert -

A tactic I’ve found useful in cases like these is to request the officials’ calendars and/or appointment books. It’s likely that the meeting would be on at least one of their schedules, which would help substantiate your requests for meeting minutes, etc.

-Shawn, MuckRock

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