Graham Kates

To be honest, I’m not entirely certain how to proceed.

I requested “All files, documents and memorandums written between January 1, 2012 and April 10 2014 that reference ‘OpenSSL’ or ‘Secure Sockets Layer.’

And the Agency replied that I have to request a particular document, but memorandums don’t necessarily have file names and the agency has almost certainly discussed OpenSSL.


John Hawkinson

It appears that the agency reply is missing the subsequent pages.

But your request definitely seems overbroad. Thre are probably tens of thousands of documents (minimum) that mention SSL, of which you probably care about a very small fraction. And many of them are probably also properly exempt from disclosure. Unless you’re looking to pay a lot of money, you probably need to dramatically restrict this query.

What are you really seeking?

Shawn Musgrave

Whoops, sorry about the missing page. It should be uploaded now!

-Shawn, MuckRock

Graham Kates

The second page clears it up a lot!