Jeff Davidson

How long can a govt entity stonewall a request in Massachusetts. What next steps can I take to get the information released. I believe the above same information had been provided to another news organization. The information should be readily available. FYI They were quick to respond to another request for travel expenses with an incredible there are none for the mayor. (I believe your boiler plate request was narrowly interpreted. I resubmitted a more robust second request.) just trying to pull back the curtain on the incestuous and shady veneer of government in the outpost of Springfield MA.

Thank You

Michael Morisy


One option is to file an administrative appeal with the supervisor of public records office. One a request is overdue, an “Appeal” button should appear on the bottom of the request, and the appeal can be as simple as:

To Whom It May Concern,

I filed the included request on Jan. XX, XXXX, with the XXX Office. To date, XXX days later, my request has not been fulfilled. Please accept my appeal to this request and ask the agency to fulfill it, as required by law. If further clarification is needed, I am happy to provide it, but the requested information has been previously released and should be readily available.

Having the Supervisor of Public Records make a phone call is usually helpful for spurring some action.

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