Megan Marshall

What does a no responsive documents reply mean?

Jack R-W

It means they have no records responsive to your request.

Robert Duggan

i’m confused on this. please help me understand. “My name is Megan Conor Marshall, and I am writing to inquire as to if my person has been placed on any lists of programs aimed at keeping track and observing citizens.” what does this have to do with Project Monarch? Project Monarch was a subproject of MKUltra and has nothing to do with keeping track or observing citzens in which you may believe. according to what ive read MKUltra and its subprojects were terminated in 1976. i think your concern over tracking/observation should be geared towards the NSA not the CIA. but then again, a response from the NSA will probably not differ from the CIA’s response letter, they cannot confirm or deny the existence or non-existence of such material.