David Gluckman

It was my understanding that I would be able to get fees waived by submitting a FOIA request through Muckrock. Please let me know whether Muckrock will appeal this fee-waiver denial on my behalf. If not, please let me know which arguments I could make to take advantage of the fact that I submitted this request through Muckrock. Thanks a lot.

Michael Morisy

Hi David,

We can’t guarantee a blanket waiver of fees on requests, but we have had good luck in helping get fees waived on many requests through, and I’m happy to help draft an appeal here.

It would be helpful to have some more context on this request, particularly:

  • What  FOIA request number 677715 is regarding, who filed it, and whether it is inherently newsworthy for some reason.
  • Whether it’s been completed and any particularly circumstances around it.
  • Whether you are interested in writing about it, or believe others might be interested in writing about it.

I’m happy to work through the appeal process here, or if you have more specific questions or information, via email  or phone (857-488-3081).

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