Heyward James

Dear Muckrock:

The MassDOT seems to be stonewalling on this request. How should I proceed?

FYI, I have been making this request repeatedly since January.

I asked State Senator WIll Brownsberger to follow up with this request in his name, which he did twice in early February.

On February 7th, the DOT representative (Ned Codd) responded with a promise to do so “shortly,” but they have not come through with any of the requested information.

I have no doubt that this information will be a source of embarrassment for them. Thus the delay.

How do you think we should proceed?

Thanks and Best,

H. P. James

Shawn Musgrave

Have you appealed any of the requests so far to the Supervisor of Records? As soon as they go past 10 business days without providing documents, you can file with SPR. 

-Shawn, MuckRock

Shawn Musgrave

Looks like they just completed the request!

-Shawn, MuckRock

John Hawkinson

For the records: It’s actually 10 CALENDAR days, not 10 business days until a Massachusetts public records request is ripe for filing with the Supervisor of Records.

See “What do I do if my request is denied?” in “A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law” at http://www.sec.state.ma.us/pre/prepdf/guide.pdf