Douglas Lucas

I am trying to make sure the State Dept FOIA people understand that my request is not limited to any dates whatsoever. Our original request, sent Nov. 28, did not specify any dates. Then we accidentally sent a follow-up on Dec 3 saying to limit the dates to Dec 31 1999 to present, which would ruin the request because Burton left the DSS in 1998. State sent us an acknowledgement letter on Dec 5 that estimated September and did not say anything about which dates. We sent another follow-up on Dec 10 saying to forger the earlier, mistaken clarification, please respond regarding any dates whatsoever. Since December, I have been trying to get ahold of them here, by phone (leaving messages), and by to make sure they understand the request is for any dates whatsoever, but they haven’t responded. Help!

Shawn Musgrave

The State Department is a difficult agency to get a hold of, for sure. Be persistent in sending followup clarifications until you get confirmation that the request has been accurately entered into their database.