Bert Klasey

Hi Guys,

Similar to my last ask for advice, the GA Lottery claims that it cannot give me a high-resolution copy of one of their lottery advertisements as it violates their deal with their agency, BBDO. Any advice you can give will be helpful.

We are using these ads for a documentary and will be using them all under “Fair Use” and are not worried about the rights to any of them. I don’t know if they know that, or if they are holding it back because of the film.

Thanks again for your help!

JPat Brown

Bert, hello- This is in response to both your questions - you absolutely have a right to those. I’d click the appeal button, then ask them to cite the specific statutes that prevent disclosure. Include links to responsive requests as well, for leverage - these states gave the docs I requested, so should you. Best, J.Pat

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