Roy Morris

I want to get a current inventory based on federal grant money used to obtain military equipment. The response from the Sheriffs is to have me search meeting notes and this only turns up approvals for federal grants.

I’m looking for a current inventory. I am sure they take annual or bi-annual inventory so how do I get this information?

Cheryl E

Without knowing what state you are requesting from (each state has its own laws), in general, FOIA does not require what a government agency compile a list of what you requested. If the list already exists, they have to provide it (if an exemption does not apply). But, if it doesn’t already exist, they don’t have to create one specifically for you.

So frame your request with that consideration in mind. They may not have a list of specifically what you are looking for, but I would imagine that they have a list of their equipment in their accounting records that they can print for you.

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