Liz Howard

Received your notice regarding Baltimore County a police MPIA REQUEST. They have documents and are refusing to provide documentation which violates MPIA statues.

They work in collaborate with feds and receive COP and other DHS grant funding. They are lying and denying MPIA Requests.

Do you have any attorney’s that can look into this?

Thanks, . Liz

Jack R-W

You keep having trouble with your requests because you write them to be as confusing as possible. For example. ” Please provide any data collection activities under any of the above programs regarding me, Marilyn Elizabeth Howard/ Date of Birth: 12/22/1957 aka Liz Howard.” does not make any sense. You are not asking for anything here that they can give you. How do you expect them to provide you with data collection activities? Obviously you mean records produced by data collection activities, but you don’t specify that, and the MPIA doesn’t require agencies to guess or assume what somebody means.

My best advice to you is to withdraw all of your existing requests and start fresh with requests that reasonably describe what you are looking for.