Lael Henterly

I’m still a bit confused… if anyone can help me better understand this or advise as to how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.


Michael Morisy


It looks that you’re request is currently being processed. It usually takes agencies a few weeks to do a complete search, so just get comfy: There’s nothing else you need to do but wait at this point.

  • Michael
Shawn Musgrave

This is an odd answer, for sure – I don’t see why another requester’s capacity has any bearing on your own. However, in my experience the FBI does not charge fees when requested documents have already been processed for another requester. I don’t think this is an indication that the FBI plans to charge you, but that they’ve already waived fees in another request so they’re not going to do so for you. 

Anyone have a different read?

Kel McClanahan

I actually think that now that the requester has committed to paying they will charge.  Had there been no fee commitment there might have had a chance on appeal, and I think that there would definitely be a chance of prevailing in court.  But with a fee commitment I would be very surprised if there was no bill due.

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