Daniel Best


I’m not exactly sure how this request would be flagged as 3rd parties when it is a request for a now defunct publisher. Due to the nature of the publishing business and the products that Charlton produced, I would submit that this request is very much in the public’s interest. Death notices cannot be provided as the company was not a living entity.

Shawn Musgrave

Hi Daniel, 

Your request language includes both the company as well as its founders as individuals. The FBI has split the request into two separate FOIAs: 

1) Charlton Publications (See the acknowledgement letter) – FOIA tracking number 1276876-000. 

2) The company founders (See the letter asking for confirmation of death) – FOIA tracking number 1276879-000. 

If you are only interested in the file on the company, you might clarify this to the FBI so that they close down the latter request on the individuals and focus on searching for records on Charlton Publications itself. If you are interested in records on the founders as individuals, you will need to provide proof of death – typically an obituary suffices.

Hope this helps!

-Shawn, MuckRock

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