Kyle Broderick


I see that the OCC does not allow FOIA requests via this medium. I kindly request advice on how to appropriately proceed. I do not believe I can appeal as the OCC has not acknowledged my request.

Indeed, according to and “12 CFR 4.15 - How to request records” ( it is impossible to submit a FOIA request to the OCC without using the proper communication channels.

It appears as though MuckRock’s systems sent an email to the OCC and their response was copied to my FOIA request, however, I do not believe this constitutes filing a request and there I am unable to appeal.

How should I proceed, I would like to us MuckRock’s system. Will MuckRock mail my request to the OCC or must I use the OCC’s portal? Please provide additional advice, furthermore, is a signature necessary?

Thank you for any assistance, Kind Regards,

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