Matthieu Bourbaki


Our last response from FOIA Status included the line: ” However, please note, interim release dates are provided, as applicable.”

We suspect that this means the State will release portions of our request as it is filled, rather than all at once at the estimated June 2014 date. Is this correct?

Our requests asks for records that are numbered 1-5. May we ask for “interim release dates” for each of these sets of records?

Thank you.

Tom Nash

Hi Mathieu,

That seems to be the State Department’s meaning, and it can be helpful for them to know that you’re interested in seeing responsive documents as they become available. But ultimately the release of the records is at their discretion. 

–Tom, MuckRock

Matthieu Bourbaki

Hi Tom, Thanks for your reply. On June 21, 2013 I asked for the interim release dates here:

But when I got a response they simply stated the completion date for the whole request (which was what they sent us already). Should I ask yet again, or is there little point in asking further about interim release dates? I am not certain whether my request for the interim dates was misunderstood or not received.

Thanks again!

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