Douglas Lucas

No responsive documents strikes me as very strange.

The Border Security Operations Center makes intelligence products such as the sector assessments that were published by WikiLeaks in their Stratfor leak. You can see a sector assessment here, the PDF attached to the email:

The last page says “If you would like to receive a weekly copy of this dissemination, please contact the BSOC at” and gives a phone number. I called the phone number shortly before filing this FOIA and asked what the rules were to receive the sector assessments, because I’m trying to figure out the significance of Stratfor somehow having obtained them–the assessments are law enforcement sensitive, and the lady who answered was freaked out that I as a journalist (i.e. not law enforcement) had one. She said I shouldn’t have one. So I said, well what are the rules for who gets to receive them? She said she didn’t know, that she couldn’t add me to the distribution list, and her supervisor would call me back to explain (the supervisor never called me back). I also asked if Stratfor was on the list, and she said she wasn’t privvy to the distribution list.

Surely they must have rules or regulations for who gets to be on the distribution list for intelligence products… Any ideas?

I guess I could FOIA asking for the distribution list.

I’ve also FOIA’ed them about their relationship with Stratfor and for leak investigations into their Stratfor-connected employees, so they probably know what I’m after.

Shawn Musgrave

I think your best move forward is to request the distribution list. Rules like these may not be codified.


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