Runa Sandvik

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here; did the TSA close the case or is it processing my appeal? What should my next step be?

George LeVines

In so many words the TSA is politely telling you that you’re not playing by the appropriate rules…

In this communication they state that there are ‘no responsive records’. In most cases this means the agency is done processing your request until you appeal the determination.

To appeal a TSA determination you must send an appeal letter to:

Kimberly Walton, Assistant Administrator Office of Civil Rights & Liberties, Ombudsman and Traveler Engagement (CRL/OTE) Transportation Security Administration 601 South 12th Street East Building, E7-121S Arlington, VA 20598-6033

… with the envelope clearly labeled “FOIA APPEAL”.

Essentially, they will ignore any other attempt to talk about this request unless it is an appeal or a brand new submission of the request.

In the Apr. 3 and Jun. 10 communications they are saying that the appeal was not properly submitted.

To appeal through MuckRock click “Appeal” at the bottom of the request page and write your appeal letter, stating as clearly as possible which request you are appealing, on what date it was originally submitted, any tracking or ID numbers associated with the request, and why you believe the original determination should be overturned.

In this case the information you provided in your March 22 communication is a good argument for overturning their determination and conducting a new search. Be sure to include it in the appeal.

MuckRock will take care of the mailing and envelope labeling.

The Reporter’s Committee for the Freedom of the Press is also a good resource with a number of appeal examples.

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