Troy Carter

Dear Abby,

I have received a letter denying my request for a fee waiver. The request’s status now reads Payment Required. Do I need to respond to the agency and indicate a willingness to pay before they will give me a price quote?

Many thanks,

Troy Carter tmcarter

Ryan Carboni

I’m pretty sure you can request a price quote/breakdown of search fees and printing fees before stating a willingness to pay.

Shawn Musgrave

Hi Troy! It looks like we miscategorized this request as “Payment Required” rather than “Awaiting Response.” In many cases, a fee waiver denial will come with a fee estimate or a requirement for the requester to commit to paying fees. In this case, the agency will come up with an estimate and send it by separate letter.

Sorry for any confusion!


Troy Carter

The experience is great, learning as I go thanks to everyone’s help. Muckrock rocks!

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