Adam Smith

If MuckRock makes a public records request to a local government and the response from the government indicates that a payment is required, how is this processed? Or in other words, if the government says it will cost $100 to provide the records would I pay the $100 to MuckRock and then they would make the payment to the government or would I pay the government $100 directly? If I must make the payment, presumably by check, then I would no longer be able to remain anonymous to the government, correct? To remain anonymous it would be helpful if I could send the payment to MuckRock and then they make the payment to the government under their name. I’d even pay extra for this option. Or is there another way to make a government payment while remaining anonymous?

Patrick Marshall

Don’t worry, you are able to pay the amount via credit card to MuckRock and have them submit a check on your behalf. You can also send a check to MuckRock’s PO Box and they’ll handle it from there. MuckRock News PO Box 55819 Boston, MA 02205-5819 is their PO Box address. For more information, see this question