Annette Huenke

I filled out the ‘tags’ section on my last request, but it didn’t carry through the submission. How should I do that next time so that I don’t have to do it again?

Also, how do you add the tags to the request after-the-fact?

Michael Morisy

Hi Annette, sorry that the tags didn’t save properly!

To add them after the fact, just click “Edit” to the right of the word “Tags.” If you run into any issues getting them saved going forward, just email the tags you’re trying to add and a link to the request page to and well try to troubleshoot what’s going on.

Annette Huenke

Thank you, Michael. Can you tell me how these tags affect the request? Are they sent to the agency in question?

Jack R-W

As far as I am aware tags are for search/SEO reasons.

Annette Huenke

Yes, I understand that. Are they communicated to the agency in question, even though they’ve already received the PRR?

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