Brian Waters

I seem to recall about a year ago that I was able to edit agency metadata (mailing address, etc.). Now, I have to bug the MuckRock staff to get a change made.

Furthermore, as a non-pro user, I can’t see the email address on file. I’ve been having problems w/ small local agencies where they say they never saw the address. It’s hard to have this conversation with them when I can’t even tell them the address the request was sent to.

I know that upgrading to Pro will show me the email address. Will it also bring back the ability to edit the agency metadata? That would be really helpful.


Brian Waters

Typo! I meant to write,

“…problems w/ small local agencies where they say they never saw the *request*”

Brian Waters

I ended up trying an pro account and answered my own question.

For the record: Pro doesn’t allow you to edit the metadata. However, I discovered a feature where, if there is, say, both an email address and a snail mail address, you can force your correspondence to be snail mailed. I didn’t discover this until after I signed up for pro, but I believe it’s on normal accounts too.

It doesn’t seem like you can do it for an initial request, but you can do it for follow-ups. When you’re writing a follow-up, click “See where this followup will be sent,” then click “Not where this needs to go?” You’ll get a couple options. Not 100% ideal, but useful.

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