Andrea Domanick

Hi all -

First time FOIA requester here. I’m trying to get hold of a report made to the Will County Sheriff Dept. that includes two charges (or allegations, rather—rape and cyberstalking) made by my source against another person. I have the report case number. When I called the PIO to request the report, I was told I need to FOIA, so here I am (my source said they would get a copy of the report, but they’ve gone MIA).

They have an online FOIA form I can fill out:\ \ What I’m wondering is how much information and detail is sufficient to include in this, considering the information I have is pretty limited — I’m not sure, for example, if the case is rape or sexual assault, the date it was filed (I know the month and year based on what my source said, but can’t verify), etc. Part of why I’m requesting this in the first place is to verify and fill out some of these details.

Would something like the below be sufficient? (I’ve redacted details for privacy)

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I request that a copy of the following documents be provided to me: The report case # [redacted] made by [name] in April 2016.

Is that enough? (The form has separate boxes for the fee waiver request etc. ) Do I even need to mention the date or her name? Would you recommend including anything else?

Thanks for reading. Appreciate any insight.

Jack R-W

The report number by itself should be enough.