John Smith

MuckRock staff,

In August 2014 Harvey McCleskey attorney with Department of Commerce, along with BCI agents Leo Fernandez and Richard Ward travelled from Ohio to Arizona to interview Shelly Lysaght Wyatt about Ark by the River Fellowship. Most of the questions centered around whether or not the church was a cult.

Perhaps legal counsel for the Department of Commerce Division of Securities should read the transcripts of the interviews conducted by staff before disregarding my request. Above is just one instance of interviews delving into the church.

Jack R-W

In the future, keep your requests short and to the point. Adding in a story, accusations, and opinions is not likely to help your request. If you are looking to see if the employees had cult awareness training, ask for that in the simplest way possible, because over complicating your request leads to an easy refusal. “I request all documents regarding cult training given to DOC employees” is much better to try.

Marisa Jaidyn

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