David Goldberg

I made a req to the Detroit Police Department regarding files pertaining to General Gordon Baker, the leader of the Dodge Revolutionary Movement, a member of the Revolutionary Action Movement, etc. I already have scores of documents that show how deeply involved the DPD was in the surveillance of Mr. Baker, including his “DPD Red Squad” file that was providedi to me by his family.

The department, however, claims that it does not keep records beyond 20 years, and only maintains those that were computerized. I have attempted to “reappeal” after they claimed my ae appeal had been closed and asked for either the full record (I even provided his DPD Case File No.) or a formal statement of their records policy.

id appreciate any advice you may have regarding how to proceed from here.


David Goldberg

Jack R-W

You should request their records retention schedule and make sure it says what they say it says.