karen mcelroy

I need information from the prosecutor regarding a confidential human resource mathew edwin dahl, I would request arrest information, from 1990 to current, agreements between the prosecutors office and the law firm of rao and pierce in seattle wa, specifically regarding representation of confidential human resources and family law matters as well as defending clients when the attorney of record is the public defender. Internal memos regarding ongoing criminal activity of mr dahl and explanation regarding dissmisal of third DUI offense 2016. Any and all, recording, videos, giglio request impeaching mathew dahl at trial or on appeal. Agreements between prosecutor and CPS to place child in homes of confidential informants. Who in the prosecutors office is responsible for ensuring public safety regarding repeat offenders who are confidential informants, Use of said mathew dahl as witness in any criminal proceedings and outcomes of these proceedings. Prosecutors office complaints via letter, phone email regarding mathew edwin dahl and citizen concerns of violence and ongoing drug activity. Complaints about mathew edwin dahl and filing false, fabricated, frivolous lawsuits, and habit evidence of filing false protection orders, all records regarding mathew e dahls failure to appears in all king county court proceedings and subsequent actions, ir bench warrant or explanation for no actions regarding nonissuance of bench warrants. Any written or recorded communication regarding the credibility of this mathew dahl and his continued dismissal of all illegal activities and arrests made involving mathew dahl. Now I dont know if I can get any of this info however I already have made several complaints to the prosecutors office about why this guy isnt in prison, hes been arrested over 74 times, and I am concerned not only due to his violent history, but also his continued drunk driving in the community, as well as his drinking and driving with children in the car.

karen mcelroy

i dont know why Im replying to my own question.

Jack R-W

You can request this information, they will decide (hopefully based on the law) whether or not to provide it. I would not include any of the opinions/commentary in the request itself.

karen mcelroy

Thank you


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