Susan A.

When a declared U.S. presidential candidate allegedly graduated from a state university by completing four years of credits in only “2-1/2 years” in a state where college transcripts are NOT considered public records under state law, does the public’s right to know — nationally – somehow “trump” state law preventing the university from disclosing the public records?

This is the current situation as I understand it with respect to Jeb Bush’s college transcripts. I have read TX law saying college transcripts are not public records – but Jeb Bush is now running for a national, not state, office. Consequently, does the public have a right to know? For various reasons, I think Jeb Bush actually dropped out of college to get married – and his transcript does not have four years worth of credits for a degree – but, his father got the university to pretend son Jeb “graduated.”

Jack R-W

I can’t find anything in TX law that would allow this, although it looks like they would release it with his permission.

Susan A.

What if his transcript is in fact a forgery, so he doesn’t want to give his permission? Because what if he knows that anyone who sees it can figure out that he actually didn’t earn enough credits for a four-year degree? Doesn’t the voting public have a right to know if his college degree is actually a piece of fraud? Or not?

Susan A.

Also, I just want to point out a few of the reasons I really do think it likely his “degree” is a piece of fraud:

1) Use your common sense for a moment and consider what this sentence I read in the LA Times, written by a journalist with 25 years experience, actually means: “John Ellis Bush, by contrast, breezed through the University of Texas in 2 ½ years,” <br>

Jeb Bush “breezed through” according to this journalist.

2) But if you look back at Jeb Bush’s high school career, and you read a lengthy Boston Globe article, you discover Jeb Bush was certainly did not “breeze through” high school. Instead, Jeb Bush repeated the 9th grade. In addition, according to the article, he admits in an interview with this Boston Globe reporter that his high school grades were so low that he was almost, repeat, almost, expelled from his private school for poor grades.

So, pretty amazing that a guy who repeated 9th grade, wsa almost expelled in high school for poor grades, is suddenly just “breezing through” college – and “breezing” so fast that he doesn’t even need to complete the typical 4-year program?

I don’t think this adds up.

3) Maybe Jeb Bush is “breezing through” the University of Texas in only “2-1/2 years” because: Jeb Bush has taken lots and lots of AP (Advanced Placement) courses for college credit in his private high school, just as some very hard-working students actually do – but this is not the case with Jeb Bush, if he is on the verge of getting expelled in high school for poor grades and even repeated the 9th grade.

4) Perhaps Jeb Bush is “breezing through” the University of Texas in record time of only 2-1/2 years because: Jeb likes to take lots of online courses every chance he gets. But. there were no online courses in 1975 or thereabouts when Jeb Bush was there.

5) Could it be that the University of Texas simply doesn’t care how many credits a student has on his or her transcripts after “2-1/2 years” and will stamp the transcript as “graduated” – even if the student is actually missing 1-1/2 years of coursework? I don’t think the University of Texas routinely does this. At some point, I thinkj UT adopted the Carnegie unit of measurement for higher ed coursework, though I am not certain what type of system UT was using when Jeb Bush was a student.

6) Or, maybe, because Jeb Bush is a “Bush” his “life experience” as a “Bush” is worth “1-1/2” years of college credit, just like that. Did this happen? I don’t think so.

7) Back then, in the 1970’s, did the first two years of an undergrad degree consist as it often does now with “core” courses – and then two years of a major? If s o, it seems like Jeb Bush hung around for the “core” two years but - half a year into his major, he left, without actually attempting or completing 75% of the upper class coursework required for his major.

I honestly think what happened is that Jeb Bush got tired of college and wanted to leave to get married.

But, his father wanted to be able to say to the media: “Jeb got a degree,” just in case Jeb ever ran for political office like governor or president. So, at his father’s request, UT perhaps stamped Jeb Bush’s transcript with a degree, despite the fact Jeb Bush didn’t do the coursework required for the degree.

That is what I believe happened here. The FL press was too meek and mild to ever question Jeb Bush. But now Donald Trump is in this national race and Trump is trampling all over Jeb Bush. I think the time is ripe for voters to demand to see a certified college transcript from UT on Jeb Bush.

And I truly believe the voters in a national race have a right to see a certified copy of an undergrad transcript of a national, declared, presidential candidate.

Susan A.

I meant to include this – from Boston Globe:

“Things started badly for [Jeb] Bush. He had completed ninth grade in Houston, but he was advised to repeat it at Andover. Still, he barely got grades high enough to avoid being expelled, he said in the interview.”

Jack R-W

You could petition the Texas AG to release the information if the university requests a ruling from them. They are the authority on Texas public records requests.

Susan A.

Thank you for that information. The Texas AG is a Republican who claims to have earned his 1986 MBA in only one year (who knows; maybe he did):

I have submitted via Muck Rock a public records request to UT for Jeb Bush’s transcripts. We’ll have to see what UT says in response.

One other fact – it does not surprise me that Jeb Bush’s first job out of college was via his father, whose friend hired Jeb Bush to work in: a bank. A bank. One would think a bank is an employer who will take the time to verify a college degree, right? And where does this bank send Jeb Bush, the “2-1/2 year Latin American Studies major” to work? Why Caracas, Venezuela, of course. That sure sounds like Jeb Bush really did complete his studies in his major, doesn’t it? But to me, it is all just the beginning of a trail of lies for Jeb Bush’s professional life of lies.

Jeb Bush twice took an oath as governor of Florida, and as I recall, his official governor online bio always claimed a degree from UT.

But Jeb Bush never went to graduate school. No one in any graduate school ever had to accept what may be a bogus undergrad transcript.

And if Jeb Bush does run for president, with a background which is this lie, I have to say, I will be extremely disappointed if he takes yet another oath of office after again selling the public on his background of lies. What kind of trust can anyone in this country have for a president who won’t even tell the truth about something like a college degree? If he dropped out of college, why doesn’t he just admit that?

I am guessing it’s because of his father, and because Jeb Bush likes to speak at college graduations. What’s Jeb Bush going to say in his college graduation speeches if he publicly admits he’s a college drop-out?

Such are the issues in dynasty politics. For me, as a voter – please get out of the way and out of the candidate contest if you are not even willing to tell the truth on the public stage about your college career / and dropping out of college – if in fact you did (even though your father covered that fact up for you time and time again).

Susan A.

I just want to back up my opinion that I stated above, as I do believe this often happened: “The FL press was too meek and mild to ever question Jeb Bush.”

A former reporter for a Florida newspaper, The Palm Beach Post, SV Date, wrote a book about Jeb Bush called “Jeb Bush: America’s Next Bush.” Here is an excerpt of what this reporter observed and had to say about FL journalists and their relationship with Jeb Bush when Jeb Bush was governor of Florida for eight years:

“What makes Jeb such a force is his ability to win if not the approval, then at least the respect of people who might reasonably have cause to dislike or distrust him. A perfect example of this is Jeb’s ability to charm the journalists who covered him in Tallahassee - even after eight years of wearing his utter contempt for those same journalists as a badge of honor.

For two full terms, reporters who among themselves describe Jeb as an arrogant megalomaniac would turn meek as mice during his press conferences. All the bluster would disappear, and Jeb would typically get softball questions on the approved topic of the day. This is partly based on fear. Jeb is a daunting presence…”

Susan A.

A few final comments about researching the education background of Jeb Bush:

Although the recent Boston Globe article reported Jeb Bush repeated the 9th grade, and Jeb Bush admitted in an interview with that reporter that his high school grades were so poor that he was almost expelled from his private school several times, here is how that information is reported on this website:

.”Along with his older brother, [Jeb] Bush was enrolled in a private preparatory school in Massachusetts, where he excelled in academics.”

Hmm. How about that. On the verge of getting “expelled” for poor grades according to the Boston Globe’s interview with him – and yet, simultaneously here on the above site, he “excelled in academics” in high school.

From that same site, we are told Jeb Bush graduated from the University of Texas in “1973” – “[Jeb Bush] made the decision to major in Latin American Affairs at University of Texas, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1973.”

Hmm. Since he repeated 9th grade and he was 19 when he began college, and that would mean his freshman year in college was 19 years after his year of birth which is 1953, which would be: 1972. Thus, according to the above site, Jeb entered UT in 1972, and finished a 4-year degree in only ONE year. graduating in “1973” – wow! Is that “breezing through” college at record time or what?

Not only did he actually complete his bachelors in only ONE year according to that site above, he graduated “Phi Beta Kappa” – straight A’s for all courses! Whoo! One year, he completes 120 required credits, and gets an “A” in every course! And graduates with this honor! Wow! (But I don’t think so.)

This other site – – claims Jeb Bush married in “Feb 1974,” shortly “after graduating” from UT:

“The two were were married on 23 February 1974, shortly after Bush graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Latin American Affairs”

So it appears that according to that site Jeb Bush was a Dec/Jan 1974 graduate of UT, after having entered UT when he was 19, in 1972. That means, at best, only two years did he spend on his four year degree. Hmmm. One year to get a four year degree? Two years? Whatever!

If he wants to claim he married in Feb 1974 after finishing college in record time, what is he claiming was his course load for the five semesters maximum that he was there? 24 credits per semester for each of five semesters? For a required total of 120 credits? Is that how he wants to claim he “breezed” through? Hmmm. I don’t buy it. Sorry.

Wikipedia lists him as a “1974” graduate of UT - Jeb Bush 1974 B.A.

Was he married at the time he graduated? Not according to the other site above.

Maybe it’s better not to even attempt a year or month of college graduation for Jeb Bush. Better to just omit the graduation year: “Bush went to the University of Texas where he earned a degree in Latin American affairs.”

But as reported on that site above, never forget that Jeb Bush “earned” his alleged 4-year degree, somehow, in record time, from:

June 1972 (entering UT when was 19, as he repeated 9th grade) -Jan 1974 (because he got out of UT prior to his Feb 1974 marriage).

Wow, that’s only 1-1/2 TOTAL years Jeb Bush spent “earning” his 4-year degree! (June 1972-June 1973 (1 year), July 1973-Dec 1973 (1/2 year) – then it’s Jan 1974 graduation!)

According to the bio he has on Harvard’s website, Jeb Bush “earned” that 4-year BA degree (I guess now in only 1-1/2 years):

“[Jeb] Bush earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies from the University of Texas at Austin.” (No year of graduation mentioned.)

I recently read Scott Walked is actually 34 credits short of a 4-year degree. OK, whatever. Scott Walker did not ask his daddy to go to the college and demand the college stamp “DEGREE AWARDED” on the transcript despite Scott missing more than a year’s worth of coursework.

But it really does seem to me that Jeb Bush’s father did that, because as I am seeing now, Jeb Bush likes to claim he finished college FIRST before his Feb 1974 marriage. But one has to remember: Jeb Bush, born in 1953, graduated from his private high school in June 1972 – a year later than his peers, because he repeated the 9th grade. From June 1972 to Jan 1974 – well, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that 1-1/2 year period (not “2-1/2 years” as the LA reporter reported in my early post) is actually enough time to accumulate enough required credits for a 4-year 120 credit BA – after you’ve been on the verge of being expelled from high school.

I admire any candidate, including Scott Walker, for being honest enough to truthfully say: “I am a college drop out” or “I dropped out of college” or whatever it is that such candidate says if that is the fact. Because: that is the true story of that person’s educational background.

I do not admire Jeb Bush for telling lies his entire adult life that he completed all the coursework required for a BA degree from a public university when I think it is quite clear his timeline does not add up to any legitimate possible explanation. His “degree” is fake, and his transcript is, I do believe, a forgery – a falsely made government document intended to give Jeb Bush benefits in his public image that he did not in fact “earn” in any way. Thanks to his daddy.

Daisy Crawford

It is such an interesting information, actually i have been looking for it and finally got it. I simply need to go down my conclusion that I expressed above, as I do trust this regularly happened: “The FL press was excessively submissive and mellow, making it impossible to ever address Jeb Bush.” A previous columnist for a Florida daily paper of help with dissertation, The Palm Beach Post, SV Date, composed a book about Jeb Bush called “Jeb Bush: America’s Next Bush.” Here is an extract of what this correspondent watched and needed to say in regards to FL writers and their association with Jeb Bush when Jeb Bush was legislative leader of Florida for a long time:

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