Kirk Nelson

Hi, I would like to ask about the best way to submit a FOIA request regarding a tv show. A few years ago there was a show called Rubicon, on the AMC network. It was about an intelligence analyst who uncovered a conspiracy involving war profiteering. The show was cancelled, and it was never released on DVD. It is not available on any streaming or legal download services. This strikes me as suspicious. I’d like to request any files related to the content of the show. What is the best way to phrase such a request? And to which agency? I’ve never submitted one before! Thanks!

Michael Morisy

What a great question and an interesting request idea! I watched the first few episodes.

Tom Secker and Matthew Alford wrote a great book on the topic of Hollywood, the CIA, and the DoD, and their Medium post goes over some of what they found.

Shawn Musgrave got some DHS movie-related records with this request], which might be a helpful model. I got talking points for the movie Act of Valor

I think filing requests with NSA and maybe some DoD components (they tend to do more work with Hollywood) could net some interesting results.

Kirk Nelson

Thank you very much! I’ll start checking those out!