Tony Schwatyz

I was going to file on my own in a few months. Though for $20, it is worth the time I will save. To me utilizing social media to kill people is much like a UAS “Signature Strike”. It can be very problematic for reasons I am willing to discuss. I am a firm believer in OSINT used both in and outside of war. It is a much better option than secrecy. Though I would like to know a bit more. My question is it best to file a FOIA after an event or wait, as I intended?

Jack R-W

You could ask the Air Force through a FOIA. The department involved in the recent one was 361st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group. If that doesn’t go anywhere, you could try to use an MDR.

Tony Schwatyz

Hi, this is Tony, I lost my old account. If anyone happens to follow this again and has advice or input would be great. I have only filed simple FOIA requests with local government. I often obtain what I can on my own through research. I really need to sit down, think how I want to word this, what would be beneficial for the public and myself to know, relevant to this request. I am concerned about this type of “targeted” killing because it almost seems like it could turn into Swatting. Meaning anyone from a hacker, insider or an “adversary” could create fake social media intelligence, tie it down to specific people or site we know the IC, USAF, FBI or DHS monitor and this could justify action.. It is also not unrealistic to suggest someone could hack a social media account, lock out the owner, especially if they were in the middle east and inject “false data”. Data which might require swift action by the USAF or DOD in general. The fact they utilized OSINT means the data is not inherently classified, correct? Therefore I should be able to slightly leverage this. Yet, if I ask about sources or methodologies the USAF used I am sure I will be shot down, “It is classified”. I despise writing, I am a much better speaker. Do I just spend a few hours researching requests & come up with the best possible request I can? Or are there individuals who can assist me in writing this request? As mentioned, I think this is something we all have a right to know to some degree, yes information must always remain classified. But many “rushed” assessments have lead to arrests of American citizens because of social media postings. Brandon Raub ( one of many who comes to mind. While I value OSINT more than secrecy if this is going to be a method the government is now going to publicly promote they use. We have a right to a little more data. I would like to know more about it. I realize this is nothing new, OSINT/HUMINT is used in war and lives are taken all the time. However, the promotion of this attack to the public is new/unprecedented. It is why I am interested.

Without much thought: Specifically what site was this obtained from Was it authenticated; was any additional action taken to verify it How common is this, this is the first time it so proudly had been announced to the public Who was involved in this decision, are their communications (emails available) Was there more than a single source/actor whose SM account they were monitoring

I can think of a million more questions. Though I can just see them all getting slammed as “classified”. So go to the drawing board and just research how to properly write a request? Or can I pay someone to help me with the initial draft? Or can someone give me rough ideas?

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