Fred Ernst

When can we start filing for federal government information in Canada through Muckrock? We need Muckrock’s services up here very, very urgently. I cannot stress how bad the system in Canada has become at suppressing public interest research. The new Trudeau government will hopefully bring some relief. There is none as yet, however.

I’ve been filing requests in Canada for over 25 years. The system has clammed up to such an extent that even police are being sent out to intimidate requesters. We’re in Top Secret Canada and Canadians need Muckrock.

I even offer to help get Muckrock, free of charge and in any way that I can, in order to facilitate extending operations here.

Michael Morisy

Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm! We’d love to expand to support Canada, but that would mean having a small staff and office up there on an ongoing basis, as well as the initial investment in research and building out our service to support the laws.

We’re just not in a place to do that right now, but if you know some organizations that would be interested in helping us make that happen, we’d love to discuss with them.