Robert Mckenzie

I received this email from State. Is this amount of time normal for an electronic records search? My concern is they are working with CIA on what to release.

Dear Robert McKenzie, \   \ This is a follow-up to your email below concerning case controlF-2016-16693. \   \ The Department’s electronic case notes indicate the case is still open. The searches are still pending. Each case is different and the processing time depends on the complexity of information requested, the location of the information, and the time it takes to review the records.  \   \ The estimated completion date (ECD) for this case is October 31,2017. \   \ ECDs are subject to change and are “strictly” estimates and not intended to be used as “actual” dates of completion, due to various extenuating factors, which are beyond the control of the Branch, which may or may not include coordination with other Agencies during the process (referrals, concurrences, etc.). Interim release dates are provided, as applicable.

Jack R-W

The State Department has (I think) the biggest backlog of requests of all agencies, they take a very long time to respond to requests.

Robert Mckenzie