Dana Favreau


What is the procedure for Muckrock F/U for FOIL requests? I made formal contact with the Albany NY Clerks office, left a message for clerk Nala to call me pertaining to my request and no call back. I indicated that it was an important hearing matter that I needed these documents. Please advise. Lastly, do you have a chat line or a number to call to speak to someone here at Muckrock?

Thank you,

Dana Favreau

Michael Morisy

Hi Dana,

We follow up every two weeks with an agency, but you can also follow up directly with the agency with the follow up button towards the bottom of the request. I’ll have somone call over to Albany PD and try and get a confirmation of receipt sent.

Our office phone number is 1-617-307-6357.

Thanks,\ Michael

Dana Favreau

Okay, yes please have someone from your dept. call over to confirm. I already did make formal contact with them however, they were very reluctant to answer questions and the person that processes the FOIL requests was out to lunch was supposed to call me when she returned however, she never called.