Michael Thomas

Repeated requests to various City of New York agencies regarding contracts between two (2) staffing agencies and the Health and Hospitals Corporation have turned up nothing. How can this be the case? If the government is paying these agencies to, in turn, pay their contracted workers, how can their be no money trail?

The only other option I believe I have at this point is putting in one last request but for the “company” that processes the checks. Broadway Personnel uses a “JJ Payroll” which also happens to have the very same address.

Any advice would be very appreciated.

Daniel Miller

You can get a list of all NYC contractors and the agencies for which they contract online. It’s pretty easy and very comprehensive. Only agency exempt is the PANYNJ (which is why they hide all the crooks there)

Michael Thomas

Thank you. Could you post a link? I’m presently looking but just in case I don’t find what I’m looking for right away…it could save me a lot of time.