Stacie Te Korako

Hi I have an account with you guys that I just started. I am the Founder of Free Matt DeHart and I also do work for Free Barrett Brown and The Freeanons/Anonymous Solidarity network. I also do research and am branching off into journalism. I cannot afford the 40.00 fee right now. I was wondering if you had fee waiver program for people like myself

Thanks, Stacie Te Korako

Michael Morisy


We don’t currently offer fee waivers, because we have to cover the cost of stamps, fax machines, and scanning, etc. ourselves.

We do have an assignment system to earn free requests:<br/> and we charge just $20 to file up to four requests if you don’t have a pro account. If neither of these work for you, please email and we can try to figure out something to help you out.

Please sign up for an account and file a request to answer a question