Alan Bellina

I have submitted a request for historical flight traffic data from the FAA. This data is for January 2015 till present. I am trying to show an increase of air traffic over my house. The have replied with all the data, however data for 2016 & 2017 says computer error. FAA says it is what it is.

Anybody have a similar response? Is this normal? How should I reply?

Thanks in advance

Jack R-W

Very weird. I feel like a computer error that causes the FAA to be unable to properly record flight traffic data would be somewhat of a big deal. I would request records regarding the computer error, such as emails/memos.

Jack R-W

Requesting the processing notes for your request would probably be useful, too

Alan Bellina

Jack R-W,

Good advice, I will respond accordingly.

Thank you.

Patrick Marshall

Hey Alan.

I looked up the error code in the responsive documents.

According to Oracle’s Website ( ), the error indicates that the connection between the computer being used to fulfill your request and the server hosting the database timed out. There‚Äôs not much you can do specifically beyond asking the person working on your request to pass the information on to IT.

ORA-03150: end-of-file on communication channel for database link\ ORA-02063: preceding line from OFFARCH

Alan Bellina


So are you saying it was the server was busy and the computers query for the data just expired? So they can just run another report for the two six month time periods of missing data?

Thanks in advance,