Don Stone

The phrase “Red Wallet” with what might be a crude drawing of a wallet looks like it may have been stamped or hand drawn on the bottom of page 5 of this FBI response to files on Charles Richard Longo Sr. (deceased 2011).

I called the FBI and asked them if they could tell me the meaning of the phrase, and they refused.

Longo was alleged to have had 2000 victims in Maryland and Virginia involving an alleged $12 million Pell Grants (student loans) fraud schemes allegedly involving the entities known as National Training Systems, Shippers Choice, and Shippers Choice of Virginia.


Don Stone

Jack R-W

Are you talking about the white box under “FBI - BALTIMORE” on page 5? If so, that’s a redaction.

Don Stone

My computer might be showing a different page 5, we might be talking 2 different pages.

Go to the link and open it and under Responsive Documents there are the 3 choices (top left hand corner).

Open the documents under PAGES

Page 5 is a FBI form FD 340a (Rev. 12/11/89) a log-in form for documents with cells and lines and the only entry on the form is in the very first line where the headers are: ITEM (1) DATE FILED (6/15/95) TO BE RETURNED (Yes or No) and the word “Documents “ is written in.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and you should see the handwritten phrase: “See Red Wallet “ and a small drawing of what looked like an open wallet to me.

Being very familiar with Longo’s background I would speculate that it might be FBI code-speak for:

Schemes involving alleged money laundering and/or alleged schemes specifically targeting federal tax dollars such as Pell grant student loan schemes.

Or another allegation/speculation is that it involves politicians acting in concert with private actors using schemes targeting federal tax dollars.

Or possibly some type of alleged federal bankruptcy fraud schemes of co-mingling assets from one bankruptcy into another bankruptcy.

Thanks for your time in helping me decipher this phrase, it’s been bugging the heck out of me.


Don Stone