Ligia Adriana Gianella

I have submitted 2 separate FOIA to the same agency, ONE December 8 and the SECOND December 22, 2016. The documents received for the above FOIL have nothing to do with the documents requested further they are A BLOB OF INK, hardly legible and of a 1/4 of a page when printed.

i have case in NYSSC ID 100107/2015. against the multimillioner developer landlord of my building and I am not able to get a document that is not tampered with.

please advice where I can find directions to properly follow the procedures before I can file an article 78


Jack R-W

Are you sure those aren’t the records?

Steve Rogers

I was hoping for a book, but this is so much better. I am so excited to get my set. I will be ordering. Thank you. You’re awesome.


Ligia Adriana Gianella

Hi guys

What is is message got to do with me? JUST ANOTHER MISTAKE ?


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