Kirk Nelson

I got email notifications that two comments were made on my questions in the Q&A Forum. One was by “roloba” in response to my question about Rubicon. The other was by “AlyssaTallent” in response to my question about the third (embargoed) file of Riverside County Sheriff. I can’t see either of those comments. Did they both just happen to get deleted by the user? Is there some reason I can’t see them?

Don’t be shy, roloba and AlyssaTallent!

Kirk Nelson

Also, when I click their profile it leads to 404 Not Found.

Michael Morisy

Hi Kirk,

The forums have been overwhelmed with spam; those were spam comments, and we’ve recently implemented tools to report and more easily block spammers. We also tightened up the ability to ask and answer questions, requiring people to verify email addresses before they can post, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed things down.

Kirk Nelson

I see! Thanks very much.