Jesse Coleman

from New Mexico DEP:


I replied to someone else from this email address, or maybe it was an autoboot, earlier this week to say the second CD had been sent (last Monday). Attached is photo. Please acknowledge receipt once it arrives. Thanks.

All the best,\ Allison

Michael Morisy

Hi Jesse,

Just checked the mail again to make sure it wasn’t part of a late arrival and it still has not shown up. Will let you know as soon as it arrives. Confirmed they used the correct address.


Jesse Coleman

they sent this confirmation when they sent the second copy

Jesse Coleman

I don’t understand the question, I have communicated with Allison from New Mexico’s DEP office. Did this finally arrive? I am getting worried because it has been a long time. These are very important documents and in order to continue to keep using muckrock I need these releases to make it to me in a timely manner. I’m not trying to be rude or mean but I am very frustrated by this so far.