Jacob Silverman

I crowdfunded about $400 to try to pay a $800 fee for this request: https://www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/larry-wu-tai-chin-fbi-file-26303/

The FOIA rep agreed to process my request for $500, so I need to submit my crowdfunded amount plus an extra $100 that I plan to add myself. Is there a way to do this through the site?

Michael Morisy

Hi Jacob! I’ve adjusted the payment required to be $100 for your request. I’ll also send a note around regarding the crowdfund amount so we’re sure to send out the full $500 and not just the $100.

Jacob Silverman

Thank you. I saw a request for $100 payment, but now I think the status has changed because of my appealing the fee. I’m a bit puzzled, as I thought in my communication with a FOIA analyst that they had agreed to the lower fee, but maybe it was automatically diverted into the appeals process. I assume once that’s resolved the payment request will re-appear and I’ll be able to pay the $100 and get the docs, but maybe I’m misreading these communications.