Mo Co Civil Rights

Using, I filed a so-called “PARP” (Public Access Records ) to a hidden email account. (Using the free system.)

As you’ll see (I assume) I got a response on Jan 6 stating “I am no longer the Public Access to Records Policy (PARP) Administrator. Please address all future PARP inquiries to Sonia A. Bacchus, Chief Counsel, Customer Service and Regulatory Affairs or Benjamin Rashbaum, Assistant General Counsel and send them to the following email address:”

I asked the person involved if she was forwarding the request to that address, as she didn’t indicate she was doing so.

Meanwhile, how can I go about updating’s system – and especially my request – so that future requests to WMATA go to the correct administrative email address and not what appears to be a particular employee’s email address? Is this something that’s only available to “Premium” users?