S. Dean

What can I do to make this request better? I would like to find out why locals were not notified of the surveillance cameras.

Jack R-W

Never ask questions in a public records request. You can do that in a regular email and maybe get the results you are looking for. Always just request the information. This might be better: “I request all records regarding the installation of any surveillance cameras at the intersection of Juanita Beach park in June, 2016. I also request all policies regarding the use of this camera, including data retention policies and access policies.” I’m unfamiliar with the area, so you might want to better describe the area (cross streets, etc).

Jack R-W

As for why locals weren’t notified, request emails, and memoranda regarding the event. Usually a good date range to go for is 6 months before the event, so asking for emails/memoranda from January onwards would probably yield results. You’ll have to sift through some unrelated stuff if they started it after January, but it’s better to have more records than you need rather than fewer records.

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