Sachi McClendon


I sent in a request for all missing/ unaccounted for guns within the NOPD. The records department came back with around 40 missing weapons and is trying to charge me $25 per police report related to the missing weapons. They are asking for over $700 for the records. Does anyone have any experience with getting around these charges? I’d appreciate any help!

Russ Kick

Louisiana’s Public Records Act allows for fee waivers only when the documents will be used solely for a “public purpose.” That’s pretty limiting even in the best circumstances, and I don’t see the PD using their discretion to freely provide documents that are highly embarrassing to them.

Did they itemize these charges? Is the $25 per report for search time, review time, or reproduction costs, or some combination?

Sachi McClendon

The city attorney handling the request didn’t provide the itemized charges, but referred me to the New Orleans city code which states, the fee for a copy of a official police offense report is $25.00 each. See City of New Orleans Code sec. 90-123(a)(2). I asked the custodian to consider this a public purpose, but if that doesn’t work, there’s no way for me to pay the $700.

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