Haley Parker


I noticed on one of my requests that the automatic followups seemed a bit frequent. These normally seem to be about two weeks after sending my initial request, however on this perticular occasion they were sent 4 days after the request, with a second follow up 3 days later. I know that there is a button to disable followups, but is there any way of altering the time frame of when they are sent? I like the convenience of using them but I think that the timeing and frequency in this case might annoy the agency that I am contacting.


Michael Morisy

Hi Haley! Can you send an email to michael@muckrock.com with a link to the request in question? It sounds like there might be a bug. By default, we try to send them:

  • When the agency misses the deadline.

  • Two weeks since we’ve last heard from the agency, for state and local requests, or four weeks since we’ve last heard from the agency, for federal requests.

If we have an estimated completion date, follow ups are only sent once every six months until that estimated completion date passes, so if you’d like to ensure a message doesn’t go out before a certain date in the meantime, you can update the estimated completion date on the left-hand side of the page and it will delay follow ups until then.