Don Stone

I recently had a FOIA Appeal rejected by the DOJ/FBI claiming an exemption.

Would this appeal (the complete Appeal document) and rejection notice be published in the Federal Register (I think it is published every Friday) ?

Appeal No. AP- 2015-04401 Request No. 1327565 CDT:DRC

Thanks Don Stone

Jack R-W

No, I don’t think so.

Don Stone

Thanks, I was just curious.

Earlier in the week (Wed.) the DOJ/FBI had denied my FOIA Appeal, and then on Friday there was an unusual surge of visitors and length of time they were visiting to my website.

I was thinking my DOJ/FBI Appeal and denial may have entered the “public domain” and if it did maybe it was thru the Federal Register.

Jack R-W

It’s possible that it was published in The Investigator, which is the FBI’s magazine.

Don Stone

I kinda doubt the FBI wants any publicity concerning this particular FOIA request as it pertains to catching the top federal prosecutors from Maryland and the Southern District Court of Florida lying in federal court proceedings trying to white wash criminal activity as a business or civil matter.

You might say this FOIA request is about the early days of what has become known as the “weaponized alphabet agencies” and how 2 politically well connected individuals managed to steal & launder $3.5 million from a public institution over a 10 year period of time while under investigation by the FBI, DOJ, IRS, and SEC.

And also the particular conduct of an FBI agent that was forced to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about questionable events concerning the mysterious, unsolved death of the Maryland Assistant U.S. Attorney, Jonathan Luna