Esbelta Teresa Amaral

Notarized identification request from the FBI?

Esbelta Teresa Amaral

Anyone ever gotten one of these before? They threatened to close all of my requests if I don’t send them a notarized copy of my ID.

Esbelta Teresa Amaral

No, never seen that. Did you file through MuckRock? Was it a Privacy Act request? That’s odd.

Esbelta Teresa Amaral

It’s not a response to any one request in particular, it’s just a letter I received randomly. “40” was written on the back on the envelope in black pen. Really don’t know what to make of it. I can’t find anyone else whose ever received one.

Greg Otto

This is something the FBI is doing to basically weed out people who file a ton of FOIA’s with them.

It came to light as they put the requirement on their new eFOIA platform -

Basically, they are putting the onus on you to call them on their bullshit, which means you would have to go to court, which just prolongs the process anyway.


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