Project SpyLighter: Shining a light on spies

Project SpyLighter launched unofficially with the September 16, 2013 responsive documents on a FOIA of Vupen's contract with the NSA. It has since coalesced around the core ideas of surveying technology in use by the NSA and other agencies, confirming the identities of corporations contracting with these agencies, and revealing how much money they actually spend on private contracts. We intend to FOIA the NSA and other agencies for their contracts with any companies which either manufacture and sell spy technology to U.S. intelligence agencies, or companies which are forced to install and use this technology on behalf of the spy agencies. All of the documents posted are legally obtained through the FOIA process.

Who's behind this project?

Heather Akers-Healy is an activist and researcher based in California. She has a background in legal research and anthropology and is learning how to code. Her interests include civil rights, freedom of information, privacy, and examining how technology influences culture.
Jason Gulledge is a systems architect, programmer and researcher living in Paris, France. He is focused on fighting censorship, defending press freedoms, and fighting for personal privacy.

Other Contributors

Runa Sandvik is privacy and security researcher and sometimes Forbes contributor.

Scott Ainslie is an undergraduate. He is a Fellow of Free Software Foundation Europe and harbours a specific interest in privacy-enhancing technologies and use of strong cryptography as a mechanism for social benefit.

Our findings so far:

How you can help:

If you haven't already, please create an account. Anyone can participate in this project by filing a FOIA for spy tech or contracts through MuckRock's website and tagging it with "SpyLighter."Please check the link below for existing FOIA requests before filing one on a specific company to make sure it hasn't already been requested. Please also do a search for the company name in the search box to the right as some requests may not be tagged properly and we need to avoid duplicate requests.

Tips on filing:

Click here for all requests associated with this project (tagged with "SpyLighter")