When police break the law…

A set of requests (under New York's revised Freedom of Information Law) for the records of some of the most egregious lawbreaking by those who wore a badge.

For over four decades, police and other uniformed services throughout New York State kept police disciplinary secret under Civil Rights Law 50-A. Starting June 12, 2020 that law is repealed and disciplinary records can be obtained by the public using a request under the state’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).

This project is seeking a number of disciplinary files related to high-profile lawbreakers from law enforcement:

What can be obtained in NY under Freedom of Information Law now?

The legislation that revoked Civil Rights Law 50-A is fairly simple: 50-A no longer exists, and the Freedom of Information Act is now enhanced by language that explicitly adds “law enforcement disciplinary records” including the following explicitly stated categories of records:

  • the complaints, allegations, and charges against an employee;

  • the name of the employee complained of or charged;

  • the transcript of any disciplinary trial or hearing, including any exhibits introduced at such trial or hearing;

  • the disposition of any disciplinary proceeding;

  • the final written opinion or memorandum supporting the disposition and discipline imposed including the agency’s complete factual findings and its analysis of the conduct and appropriate discipline of the covered employee.

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