Qualification Control: 1033 Training Proposals

Since 1997, police departments nationwide have been able to apply for former military equipment through the Department of Defense’s 1033 program – but only with a recent increase in visibility has proof of departmental training been required for the high-powered and heavily armored vehicles obtained through this initiative.

This project aims to explore the documents law enforcement agencies throughout the country are submitting to fulfill this training requirement, focusing on the vast inconsistencies between plans, the private contractors hired to instruct officers, and intersections between this program and the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s regional HIDTA program.

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Dallas Police release training materials regarding its now infamous bomb robot

On July 7, the Dallas Police engaged Micah Xavier Johnson in a 45-minute gun battle before ultimately sending in a bomb-defusing robot laden with explosives to kill him. Documents acquired from the DPD confirm what Chief David Brown said in July: there is absolutely nothing in their training materials to suggest that officers and manufacturers had previously considered using the robots for this deadly purpose.

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Clip art and controversy in Colorado police’s MRAP training materials

Of all the training materials for police use of military vehicles we’ve seen so far, Colorado’s is by far the most comprehensive and informative … and also some of the strangest.

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In California, the officer driving a 18-ton MRAP could have as much as 20 hours of training time - or as little as 15 minutes

Much like our previous audit of Texas police departments’ proposals to train officers in the operation of military-grade armored vehicles, similar documents from Californian law enforcement agencies revealed that there is no clear qualification standard when it comes to use of 18-ton Mine-Resistant vehicles.

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Texas police’s big military gear comes with little training

It’s a reasonable expectation that if the Pentagon’s giving out 24-ton military vehicles, those departments should be sufficiently trained in how to use it. But as the wide discrepancy in quality shown by docs released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows, that’s not always be the case.

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MRAP manual shows military gear doesn’t mean military training

The Willimantic, CT police department is one of the many police departments that acquired a mine-resistant MAXXPRO MRAP through the 1033 program. In response to a records request for any documents regarding the department’s use of the vehicle, the WPD provided their MRAP training Power Point presentation.

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