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Every day, American inmates find themselves on the open road, hurtling toward their next holding cell. With little in the way of medical training, food, bathrooms, and patience, the circumstances can be far worse than where they're going - if they make it.

MuckRock wants to help you track the conditions and the companies that “route the prisoner like a package.” Let us know which town or county you’re in, and we’ll add it to our growing list of requests bringing local light to a national concern.

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Human Traffic: An update on prisoner transportation policies nationwide

This summer, MuckRock submitted requests to all 50 state Departments of Correction for their materials related to the transportation of inmates. Following up on a stunning story by The Marshall Project on privately-operated prisoner transport, the requests, worded broadly, sought the policies and contracts that are being employed across the country. Two months in, here’s what we’ve found so far.

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Shed local light on the national conversation about prisoner transport

Yesterday, The Marshall Project, in collaboration with the New York Times, released a story on the private extradition companies that take inmates on the hard trip to prison in another state. Now MuckRock wants to help you bring the story to your town and give us all some local context to a national narrative by guiding you through the request process.

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