OCPD Daniel Holtzclaw Investigation

Public records requests regarding the 2014 investigation and subsequent criminal conviction of Oklahoma City Police officer Daniel Holtzclaw.

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was criminally charged on Aug. 29, 2014 with 36 criminal counts related to the alleged rapes and sexual assaults of 13 African American women he had encountered while on patrol overnights in NE Oklahoma City. On Dec. 10, 2015 Holtzclaw was found guilty, at jury trial, of 18 of the criminal counts stemming from 8 of the original 13 accusers.

Holtzclaw was subsequently sentenced to 263 years in an undisclosed prison. \ \ 13 alleged victims, 36 alleged crimes, 17 alleged crime scenes. \ No direct forensic evidence and no indepedent witnesses.\ \ This is an attempt to uncover and make public as much of the evidence as possible in this case so the public can decide if the juries verdict was “justice served” or “justice denied.”

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